Agrimony as a stress reliever


Flower essences are very effective tools for curing emotional dysfunctions and mindsets. In the modern era, it has become common knowledge that many people are suffering from emotional disorders. In some cases, homeopathically  prepared agrimony flower essence can be a very effective medicine for alleviating some of the symptoms of emotional disorders.

Some people are cheerful in public, but are hurting inside. They do not reveal their pain; rather they  hide their worries behind a smiling face.  Friends and family who think they know a person are often unaware of their inner turmoil.  Fortunately,  agrimony  is able to help combat these feelings of isolation.  With agrimony, people who suffer from a particular emptiness and loneliness are better able to cope with being alone.

Additionally, many people  do not want to be alone and often seek the company of others.  Agrimony is capable of curing this particular type of anxiety. The homeopathic flower essence is able to calm an anxious mood.  It provides sufferers the courage to deal with the darker side of life and helps them cope with many of their difficulties.

Unlike with many chemical treatments, a person who has been masking his worries behind a smile will not suddenly become a disengaged zombie by taking this natural healing homeopathic tonic, but rather they will be able to better cope with life while continuing to be sociable and engaging.

“Be happy” should be a major goal in life. However, there are some people who are constantly on edge. Agrimony can be a very useful supplement  for bringing peace for these otherwise restless people. Let’s face it; sometimes letting go of an argument or disturbing incident is much easier said than done. Taking this natural healing medicine can help restore calm rather than becoming overwhelmed with thoughts of anger and stress.

In addition to the flower, agrimony can be used as a gargle for laryngitis, throat disorders, and tonsillitis.  It can be applied externally in the form of a compress or poultice, to reduce the severity of certain types of skin inflammation, such as inflamed hemorrhoids, oozing wounds, rashes, and varicose veins.  It is useful internally and externally for skin problems, skin eruptions and diseases of the blood such as blotches, pimples, and scrofulous sores.

While probably not found in your local pharmacy, the benefits of the agrimony plant cannot be dismissed.